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Welcome to Daily Payouts. My name is Emilee and before we start I'd like to tell you a little about myself. I'm twenty-one years old, a single mother of one gorgeous little girl, and also a full time student starting March 29, 2013! Before I started on Daily Payouts I was working as a pizza delivery driver for Dominos. The job was minimum wage, but on the plus side I got to come home with money everyday from my tips. Sadly when I start school I'll only be able to work Mondays and Sundays because my school and work schedules didn't match up correctly. Now tell me who can afford their bills, children, and other necessities working two days a week?! I was terrified and then a friend of mine introduced me to Daily Payouts. I'd searched and searched for work at home jobs, I just didn't have the energy for two full time jobs plus school. Yet every website I looked at, every small busniess I was interested in wanted me to by my starter kit from $50-$100! This was just something I couldn't afford. Daily Payouts was a godsend for me. The one time $25 fee got me hooked. Not only was this something I could afford but if by chance it didn't work out I wasn't out to much money! So I decided to give it a shot and since then I've been making money daily. Here soon I'll be making a new page to add to this website where you can track my progress and ask questions to see if Daily Points is the right fit for you.

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